Can you recognize these brands in lego buildings?

Project details

Client name Sebastian (my stepson)

Project date Autumn 2016

Project description

Now and then you have to take a break and do something different, like playing…

One thing that me and my stepson Sebastian have in common, is our uncompromisable passion for building Lego (you can ask my wife about that). This project started when my stepson asked me why there is no Lego set with the Canadian favorite coffee shop Tim Hortons. I started thinking that maybe we could make one ourself so I made some quick instructions on the computer for a few different brands. So far we have built two of them and have a  few more new instructions on their way.

So have you figured out what the brands are in the Lego buildings yet? From the top left: Tim Hortons, second: Walmart and third: McDonalds.