Renters pay for their home twice. Have some courage!

Project details

Client name Kiinteistömaailma

Project responsibilities Art Director

Project description

The Kiinteistömaailma online showcase calendar was selected as one of the finalists at the Grand One 2015 in the category “Best mobile service”.

Looking for the latest apartments for sale? The Kiinteistömaailma real-estate brokers’ online showcase calendar ensures that you will easily find the newest locations every weekend. The site is responsive and also optimized for tablets and mobile devices so you can be sitting at your breakfast table and get a look at the newest apartments. Forget the morning newspaper, these apartment ads are actually up to date!

The client wanted to save money in expensive newspaper ads and where the content might not be as fresh as the readers really expect it to be. The solution is a web based service that displays the most relevant content on Sunday mornings when the highest peaks of interest hits. The service lets the reader pick the locations of interest and add them to her mobile phone’s calendar.

Shortly after the launch of the online showcase calendar I also got to design the visuals for the new website and do some facelifts to their brand.