Welcome some visitors from a far away place

Project details

Client name Arcada Polytechnic

Project date Summer 2006

Project responsibilities Producer, special effects, website

Project description

When aliens invade Earth, the only ones that can save us are the two reporters Mox Sculder and Fana Dully. Yurn on your cloning zappy thingies!

Back in 2006 during my last year as a student at Arcada Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences I got the opportunity to mess around as a co-producer making the short Ed Wood influenced Science Fiction X-files parody short – Plan X from Outer Space. Just imagine how fun that was!

Filming at a remote location in the woods (that was actually not that remote), filming more against green screen in a studio, tinkering with masks and models… working together with the director, screenwriter, editor and music composer and I also was in charge of making the CGI and digital effects, oh joy!