I have as long as I can remember had the ability to envision a picture in my mind and then realize it through the use of my fingertips, close to how a magician works actually, pulling rabbits out of nothingness.

At school I did love art and drawing and my teachers always supported me and encouraged me in my ideas and projects. My eye for creating beautiful visuals with a lot of detail paved the way for my future interests.

Fundamentally I have always considered myself a minimalist what comes to my design work. I’ve been partly influenced by the pureness, simplicity and streamlinedness of Scandinavian design work. I have been raised in the midst of modern architecture and designs by well known Finns like Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen.

I do believe that you can make the ordinary into something very special by adding a small twist to it. To me something perfect is not beautiful. It has to be nearly perfect but with a tiny crack in it to be truly beautiful. I am definitely also a fan of surrealism. I have been fascinated by paintings of amongst others Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. I also consider myself an extremely colorful person.

I am also a lover of Science Fiction, maybe I do draw some of my magic from watching up at the stars. Movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey truly thrill me. I like my Science Fiction stylish, like in Tron, but also gritty and worn down. Realism is important to me. I follow design trends in my field and keep guessing the next best thing. I like to incorporate futurism in my designs if I can. I have managed to accidentally convert my wife into a Steampunk fan, myself I am however more of a Cyberpunk. Oh by the way, did I tell you that I love dressing up as a *cough* Sith lord with the initials ‘DV’.

I love games like WarCraft, Grand Theft Auto and the Uncharted series. My stepson and I can spend hours together building in Minecraft. What I strive towards and would like to see more in digital applications is more interactivity and more gaming applications.

I used to say that I make webpages for a living but I realize that using the word ‘page’ is fundamentally wrong. Websites shouldn’t be static book pages. Instead the visitor should be emerged in an online experience with text, pictures, animations, video, graphic and interactive content. At some point we need to throw away the thinking of 2D pages and instead by default explore virtual reality as a space with even more dimensions. Augmented reality and VR using Oculus Rift or other devices will help push us into this brave new world of cyberspace.