One of my passions in life is photography. Some years back before it got that common to have a camera in the cellphone, I carried with me a camera in the car where ever I went to.

My reasoning might be pretty hilarious. I thought if for instance a plane would crash or a flying saucer would land in front of me while I was driving I needed to have something to document it with… or probably no one would believe me. I am also one of those who fills the memory card with pictures because I do believe that within every hundred frames you will find one good one. Without a hundred frames you will have none.

I have always been compelled by movies and cinematography. As a kid I dreamed of being a big movie director in Hollywood and I was pretty sure I’d be one day one of the youngest around. I grew up and things didn’t really work out that way but I still have time and so far I have got a big piece of the action in my other work.


Before high school I became a member of the local video club for youth, called Video27, maintained by the Evangelic Lutheran parish and the volunteer running the club, Magnus Lindberg. Our multi-camera equipment allowed us to film large scale productions of church services, sports games and concerts for the local cable channel. We also had a small studio where we made small talk shows and practiced smaller productions. In the club I was usually behind the camera, directing or editing. Video27 also allowed me to meet directors from the Finnish national TV network YLE. One of them was Tommy Mård who later would become one of my teachers of video production at Arcada.

We do live in a world where extraordinary things happen, our world evolves too rapidly around us and we need to catch the moment before it is gone. We need to fill frames, screens and pages with beautiful, educational and thought provoking things making an emotional impact on other people’s hearts and minds for progress and the better of all mankind. Okay, okay, getting a bit too deep…